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All Praise is due to Allah that He has allowed us in Manchester the ability to open and run a Masjid calling to that which Allah loves and is pleased with.

Running and sustaining a Masjid is a difficult and strenuous task which your brothers in Islam have taken up.

The Masjid, being a non-profit organisation is financed mainly from donations.

Public donations are very important to ensure the well-being of the Masjid in terms of meeting its operational costs and maintenance. We need your help financially to continue spreading the pure, untainted form of Islam.

Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Center in Manchester was established in 2013.

To date we have established a trustworthy Islamic centre which strictly adheres to the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah. As a result the Center has committed and provided the following for the community:
• A Madrasah Islamiyyah teaching approx 150 children Quran, Arabic and the Important Principles of Islam.
• Jummah and Eid prayers.

With the above, we would like to mention a number of important affairs that have restricted the Masjid from further improvements, we have not yet been able to do it due to financial constraints.

We need your help to fulfil our aims to:
• Cover maintenance costs
• Complete the purchase of the Wagf building.

Iftar fasting for the whole month of Ramadan 30 days, up to 300 people per day

Play your part in receiving a share in the good deeds that are being carried out at this Masjid by donating using the following methods:

1) By paying direct into our bank account:
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Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Center
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2) By cheque, postal order or bankers draft:
Please make cheques payable to: Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Center
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Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Center
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T: 00441612262661